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Window screens are one of the accessories you can add to your home structure.

Most homeowners, if not all, consider picking out the windows and doors first.

It’s necessary, as window frames serve as an access point inside the residence.

You can’t leave an empty frame unguarded if you want to keep your home safe.

The window screens can come afterward to modify the look of the space or provide additional protection to the window panes.

If you currently have window screens, maybe it’s time to get an upgrade.

There are many types of window screens available in the market.

If it’s your first time getting replacements, you don’t need to worry about it.

All you need to do is select the screen type that suits your needs best.

Once you pick out the screen of your choice, book a professional service to help you remove the old screens and set up the new ones.

We are Smith Glass, and we are experts in the field of window repair and door repair.

Our professional services cover window screen replacements for both commercial spaces and residential properties.

If you think it’s time to spice up your home aesthetics by switching up to a new type of screen, give us a call.

Let’s plan the next set of screens that can elevate your property.

Types of window screens

There are plenty of screen variations in the market.

Each material and type have characteristics that set them apart from others.

If you are focusing on a certain function, consider the features of the screen.

With careful deliberation in mind, you won’t need to spend on replacement services every time.

Long-lasting window screens are essential to well-protected windows.

Fiberglass window screen

Fiberglass is one of the most flexible materials for various products.

It’s no surprise that many manufacturers form durable window screens using the material.

The fiberglass window screen serves as the standard screen for most windows.

These screens are best for outdoor visibility and viewing.

If you initially had a window screen that comes from window installations, chances are fiberglass screens are the standard for your windows.

Fiberglass window screens come in plenty of colors.

Copper bronze window screen

Do you want to build rustic screens over time?

The copper-bronze window screen is for you.

The screen starts in a gold finish and will change in color over the course of its installation.

The material of the screen produces a patina that modifies the color of the screen into a more classic tarnish.

Moreover, the patina protects the screen from corrosion.

With the copper-bronze screens, you get to have two benefits in one screen: durability and classic aesthetic.

Privacy screens

Sometimes, many homeowners opt for more functional screens.

The focus falls on the feature of the screen.

One type of screen that increases the functions and features in your household is the privacy screen.

Privacy screens work best to keep prying eyes away from your interiors.

If you want to feel safer inside the house, privacy screens can give you the safety you need.

These window screens are best for bathroom areas or pool areas inside the property.

Solar screens

Temperatures can change at any time.

The sun can become scorching and make your home warmer than usual.

When this happens, it’s best to have window screens that help keep away the invading sun rays.

Solar screens are the best choice for you if you opt to keep your space cooler during the day.

The solar screens can block off as much as 90% of the radiation that can come from your windows.

It would be best to have these screens if you live in warmer climates.

Book a job with our team

Window screen replacements can take a lot of time.

Your home will most likely have many windows, and each window will have a pre-installed screen.

It would help you to have extra pairs of hands for the replacement.

Remember, you are taking off pre-installed window screens and setting up brand new units in the window.

We are here to give you the service you need.

We are Smith Glass, and we give our window replacement services to all homes and businesses in the area.

With professionals giving window repairs and door repairs, you will have all the help you’ll need to finish the replacement works on your property.

Contact us if you want to set a date or ask inquiries.

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