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Windows play an essential part in our house in many aspects.

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It allows homeowners to enjoy the backyard’s views, garden, neighborhood, or locality.

It also keeps the house well-ventilated, allowing fresh air to enter our rooms.

Besides, windows allow natural light to enter the house, giving a cheerful ambiance indoors.

However, homeowners may assume that each house’s windows are nothing more than a typical requirement, but this is entirely untrue.

Benefits of Windows

Windows and doors play an essential role in our homes, contrary to what many people might believe.

It gives us advantages that help us live comfortably in our dwelling.


Windows provides us convenience, such as the windows installed in your kitchens which allows hot air to leave.

It also facilitates the exit of steam in toilets or simply allows you to pass messages to people outside the house without going outdoors.


Aside from convenience, windows can actually play a part in the efficiency of your home.

They prevent the cold burst of wind from entering your house by shutting out the cool air and preserving warm air indoors.

Safety and Security

The most common entry points for burglars are doors and windows.

However, well-built windows enhance the safety and security of your house with proper reinforcements installed.


Installing windows into your homes can quickly improve a house’s visual appeal.

Proper installation of windows will perfectly complement the other parts of the house in their modest way.

House Value

Many homeowners upgrade their houses before they sell them to make money.

You can ensure your house commands a better price than those in the vicinity by installing high-quality and elegant windows.

Yet they do have one disconcerting characteristic, despite all the beautiful things known about windows, occasionally, for no apparent reason, they break.

Reasons for Damages to Windows

Although uncommon, accidental glass breakage often happens in double-paned windows due to the pressurized gas between the panes.

Breakage may also happen to windows with tempered glass, a more robust kind of glass treated with heat and chemicals to survive high impacts.

Aside from these, many factors could cause sudden breakage of a glass window which needs immediate window repair to ensure safety in our homes.

Thermal Stress

The chances are high for your window to break if there is a considerable variation in the temperature inside and outside the house.

Big and Narrow Windows

Windows shaped into a square are likely to distribute their weight evenly.

However, due to weight differences, larger windows are exposed to more stress, raising the likelihood of sudden breakage.

Weather and Disaster

Strong weather or a calamity is one of the primary causes of broken window glass.

Hurricanes can bring powerful winds and heavy rains, which may not be necessary to break window glass on their own, but it may cause other things to break the windows.

As such, disasters are often the ones to shatter many windows in our homes.


Sometimes windows break because of accidents such as playing with balls, where one lousy throw can result in broken glass.


The glass will deteriorate over the years, despite your best attempts to improve the longevity of your home’s windows.

Glass windows that have a crack in them are also a common cause for broken windows, weakening a window’s quality and strength, no matter how small.

Choose Window Repair Smith Glass!

If you have broken windows from shattered sills to foggy insulated glass, we understand that you need professional assistance right away.

Having professionals in window repair can save you both time and energy.

We, at Window Repair Smith Glass, tailor our expertise to the needs of your home.

We think that windows have an enormous significance and significantly affect your houses’ overall design.

The security and safety of your home are also valuable to us.

Moreover, time is essential when your windows have been damaged or if it needs window replacement.

We work efficiently and reliably and provide flexible schedules so that you can enjoy a safe environment as quickly as possible.

Hence, if you are searching for experts in window installation or home window repair in Kitchener, we can repair it right away at a reasonable price.

Let us take the worry out of your home window repair, whether from superficial cracks to large ones.

For professional window repair in Kitchener, contact Window Repair Smith Glass now!

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