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Businesses need to be equipped with the right tools and materials to be used for their establishments and buildings.

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Since it can easily jeopardize the whole operation if the parts of the commercial building are not working properly, business owners have to make sure that the building is given utmost care and attention, as well as the best type of materials possible.

A commercial window can significantly affect the whole makeup of the building.

This includes the style and the environment where the workers might stay.

It can either provide a good or bad working environment as well as a shopping environment for customers in the establishment.

Making sure that the windows are well-placed and well-chosen, therefore, can either make or break a particular building.

Repairs might be necessary when such windows go into disarray, such as damages and breaks within the glass.

To further look into that, it is important that you know all the other types of windows that are used in most commercial buildings.

Here are some of them:

Fixed windows

Fixed windows are those that are glued to the wall of the building itself.

It makes no room for any openings or closings.

Hence, it simply stays there to provide natural light for the room.

They are equipped with some fully glazed shutters that are glued to the frame of the window.

These shutters are also generally weatherproof, so they can withstand extreme heat and cold during the changing seasons.

However, when damages such as broken glass occur, a commercial window repair company should only be the one to handle it.

Since they are fixed into the wall, they might be situated in high areas, which can be very dangerous for normal people.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows are very common, given the fact that they provide both aesthetics and functionality to the room where they are placed in.

The window shutters that are provided for sliding windows are movable in the frame.

They can either be horizontal or vertical, depending on how they are placed or designed to be.

They are equipped with roller bearings for them to be able to slide in and out of the frame.

You can find such windows in buses, banks, stores, and shops.

Nevertheless, such windows are susceptible to damage, especially breaking.

A commercial window repair, however, may be able to put it back in place.

In worst-case scenarios, they might need to be replaced.

Pivoted windows

Pivoted windows are equipped with pivots for their window frames.

Such pivots help in swinging the frame.

Like sliding doors, these windows can also either be horizontal or vertical, depending on how such pivots are placed.

Double-hung windows

Double-hung windows have a pair of shutters that are generally glued to a single frame.

These shutters are placed on top of one another so they can slide vertically inside the frame.

Such placement allows us to open the window from either the top or the bottom.

Double-hung windows may get stuck depending on how much it is used every day in terms of opening and closing.

When that happens, a commercial window repair should be called upon.

Louvered windows

Louvered windows typically provide great ventilation without giving the people inside a look into the outside.

They can either be made of wood, glass, or metal.

Because they are quite tinted and cannot be seen from the outside, they are most typically placed in bathrooms and toilets, and other private areas.

That is why you need to have it immediately repaired or replaced when it gets damaged.

For better measure, call a commercial window repair company.

Need help with a commercial window? Call Smiths Glass Repair Services for help

Commercial windows need to work properly without damage to ensure a smooth transaction and function within the building.

That is why if it is damaged, you need to call for help immediately.

Smiths Glass Repair Services has got your back on that.

We are a group of experts who are licensed and insured to provide the best quality service there is.

Our offers range from door and window installation, door and window replacement, and home or commercial window repair.

We ensure only the safety and well-being of your windows and doors.

Contact us to see for yourself!

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