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Building your home can be an overwhelming task to do.

There are many things you need to consider to make sure that everything’s as you envision it.

One of the things you need to plan is the window placements inside.

Windows may seem very simple at first hand.

However, using the wrong type of window can set you back thousands of dollars when they don’t give you the function you want.

Deliberate the kind of windows you want to install.

Talk to professionals about your plans to ensure that you’re maximizing the windows in your property.

Many types of windows can change the atmosphere of your property.

You don’t need to stick to one type throughout the interiors.

If you want to, you can go mixing casement and double hung windows and optimize both their benefits to improve your home.

Casement windows

Casements are windows that attach to one side of the frame via hinges.

Casements are for window frames that have a greater height than width.

The hinges of the casement are on the vertical sides of the frame, giving more support to the longer side of the pane.

Think of your typical barn doors that swing open; the casement windows share the exact mechanism.

Benefits of a casement window

Each window type is unique.

The casement windows give some advantages that other window types can’t offer.

Simple mechanism

Another term for casement windows is crank windows.

Its simple mechanism is one of the many advantages of the casement.

To crank it open, all you need to do is push the window sash to open the window frame.

You don’t need to worry about destroying or causing damage to the window due to strong hinges on one side.

Great air ventilation

Another benefit of the casement is its ability to provide excellent air ventilation.

If you are the type of homeowner who likes to have an open window for greater air volumes inside, the casement is for you.

When you swing open the casement to 90 degrees, you get a fully open window frame.

The open frame allows as much air as possible to enter your premises.

Energy efficient

Inversely, casement windows are energy efficient too.

As swinging the window sash fully allows a lot of air inside, casements also provide insulation inside.

Casement windows have strong seals around the frame that keep the window sash in place.

It means that if you decide to close the window frame, the seal supports the sash, insulating your interiors as much as possible.

Double hung windows

Double hung windows have two sashes in the frame.

Think of two window panels that you can slide up and down.

The two panels overlap one another so that you can slide one panel on top of the other.

Double hung windows are classic window types that you can see in many old residences.

Benefits of a double hung window

The double hung windows have benefits as well.

You may find some advantages in the double hung that can make it the more optimal window choice.

Easier to clean

Double hung windows are easier to clean and maintain.

The mechanism of the window allows you to slide one panel off and tilt it for easy cleaning access.

Casements open to a 90-degree swing but can pose more challenges to clean the other side.

The double hung windows don’t have that concern.

Gives additional placement

In addition to easy cleaning access, the double hung gives additional placement in the frame.

If you plan to have an air conditioner or a home appliance that needs frame placement, double hung are beneficial.

Since you can slide up and down one panel, half of the frame becomes free for additional installations.

You can put your window AC on the lower frame of a double hung, unlike casements.

Wide variety

Double hung windows come in a lot of variety.

You can choose from hundreds of colors and materials available in the market.

You can also opt to customize for more insulating glass panes that help insulate heat inside.

Talk to professionals like us, Smith Glass, for customizations and window repair.

Book an appointment with our team of technicians

We are Smith Glass, and we offer professional window repair and door repair services in town.

Our team of professional technicians can offer you efficient services upon schedule.

We have given our work to many homes and businesses.

If you’re thinking about mixing casement and double hung windows, plan your layout with us.

We can help you optimize your home by giving expert advice and recommendations on window placements.

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