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Efficiency is key in maximizing your power consumption.

As a constant resource always in demand, people should continuously regulate and manage power use daily.

Energy efficiency should be a huge deciding factor for your every purchase.

Your home consumes energy to keep you comfortable and safe inside.

How does this affect the windows in your residence?

Many window models boast different features and benefits that help improve home life.

One such example is energy efficient windows.

If you’re somebody who pays the power bills from time to time, every bit of savings from expenses serves as a big help already.

Buying and installing the right energy efficient windows can help curb your bills.

Though it may cost a little initially, the long-term benefits outweigh the start-up expense of investing in these efficient windows.

Not only do energy efficient windows lower down power bills, but they also help keep your interiors warmer.

If you live in colder climates, the insulating property will benefit your home better.

How do energy efficient windows work?

Learn how these windows help make your home better.

Once you decide to change your current windows and invest in energy efficient windows, give us a call.

We are Smith Glass, and we offer window installation and window repairs for you.

Window glass

The windowpane of typical windows comes from the standard glass.

Energy efficient windows make use of low emissivity glass.

Low emissivity glass, also known as Low-E glass, helps in blocking the sun rays.

Add high-end tints, glazes, and reflective coatings, so the window blocks out sun rays.

If you want to save energy in keeping down cooling costs, Low-E glass panes help in that aspect.

Look for information labels that certify Low-E glass for the window.

Insulating material

The material of the window also matters in energy efficiency.

Insulation refers to the ability to transfer heat.

Many classic and traditional windows have metal as insulation.

Metal hardware, frames, and parts of the window aren’t good insulators.

Select windows that make use of polyurethane and foam for insulation.

The insulation guarantees that there will be less heat transfer, containing the warmth inside your space longer.

Gas fillers

Gas fillers help in reducing heat transfer as well.

Most energy efficient windows have more than one glass pane.

Expect at least two glass panes within the panel.

The panels then leave a huge space in the middle of two glass panes.

Gas fillers like argon or krypton can help provide insulation factors to the window.

Expect the heat to remain as the gas fillers prevent heat for outside transfer.

Window panes

The number of panes matter in energy efficiency.

More glass panes mean that there is more material for heat to travel.

In general, double or triple-pane windows are more energy-efficient than single windows.

With the help of insulating material and filler gas, the heat stays within the windows far longer.

The opposite is also true when you want to keep the heat outside.

More window panes mean that there is more material to block out the rays of the sun.

Choosing energy efficient windows

A lot of information can be confusing at first.

As such, you can rely on certifications and ratings to help select the most energy efficient windows that can fit your home.

One way to know how energy efficient windows work is by looking at the information label of the model.

Energy star rating

The energy star rating provides the performance results of the window model.

Agencies perform standard testing and compliance measures for all window types.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

The SHGC indicates the fraction of radiation emitted by the window material.

Lower SHGC means that the window transmits less heat.


The U-Factor is a measure of conduction for non-solar heat flow.

Choose windows with low U-Factor to lessen heat transfer.

Install energy efficient windows with Smith Glass

If you’re thinking of switching to energy efficient windows, you need professional installation services for the job.

Long-lasting installations can benefit your property better.

We are Smith Glass, and we give professional window services in town.

Let us help you start your journey to a more efficient home.

You can begin by investing in windows that help in managing heat consumption and movement in your property.

We also give window repairs for all kinds of windows at home or in business.

Book a job with our team.

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