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Door frames have an essential function in the structure of any property.

The door frames hold the door in its place in the integrity of a residence or a business location.

Strong door frames provide support to attached doors.

As one of the most overlooked parts of the door, you may think it doesn’t get any damage.

Don’t make any mistake; many doors end up falling or gaining damages because of a weak door frame.

Many types of doors come from various materials with additional hardware and accessories.

The doors alone can weigh up to hundreds of pounds.

Keeping the door frame strong ensures that doors can last long in protecting the entrance of the location.

Look out for the common damages to the door frame, and book for a door frame repair when necessary.

For this, we are available to give you efficient door repairs in town.

We are Smith Glass, and we are experts in giving repairs to door frames from all places.

Signs of door frame damage

Even if the door frame is one of the most subtle parts of the door, try to schedule your initial inspections of the structure.

Your inspection can go a long way in preventing emergencies from happening to your place.

Take note of the common damages so you can book for an immediate repair.

Getting a door frame repair can save you potential expenses from more extensive door repairs.

Peeling and discoloration

Old door frames weaken over time because they always carry heavy doors.

The movement of the door can cause discoloration to some spots of the door.

Moreover, mold can cause a lot of dark stains to the frame.

Take note of peeling paint spots and stubborn stains in the frame; book for maintenance if they worsen in time.

Cracks and splits

Door frames are prone to cracks and split in the material.

Check the jamb and head of the frame for bigger cracks and fractures in the material.

These signs indicate wear and tear due to nonstop support for hefty door panels.

Beware, as these marks can also signal you that someone is trying to tamper with your doors.

Loose joints from the door

All doors attach to the frame via supporting hardware.

Hinges and sliders are present in the frame as the attachment of the door.

When there are sudden loose joints in the frame, you need to act fast.

Most likely, your door will fall any time soon due to a weak link between the frame and the door sides.

Rotting frame

One of the easiest targets of these pests is the door frame.

Termites can go through home structures fast.

Termites can cause a lot of destruction; don’t take this lightly, as termites can put you in danger by destroying the wooden frames overnight.

Tap the door frame a couple of times to check if it’s still solid or hollow; book for a repair as soon as possible if the frame feels soft.


Loose door frames can cause leaks to your household.

If you aim for a more energy-efficient interior, check the house for air leaks and water leaks.

Cracks and splits in the door frame can cause a lot of warmth to escape the interior.

Moreover, soft wooden frames absorb rainwater which speeds up the decay of the material.

Emergency door repairs in town

Emergencies with door frames are very prevalent in many places.

Before you know it, with a weak door frame supporting the door, you will end up with a falling door in view.

This emergency makes your home accessible to invaders that can threaten your safety.

If you ever experience this, give our team a call.

We know that emergencies like this happen all the time and urgent repair services are necessary for the scenario.

Seek professional repairs from our team

We are Smith Glass, and we offer professional door repair and window repair services for you.

We have given many door frame repairs in town to residential properties and commercial establishments too.

A strong frame gives strong support for your door.

Don’t compromise your safety by having weak frames in the structure.

Give us a call for urgent services or book an appointment so we can fix your frames on schedule.

We are available all the time for your questions and concerns.

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