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Businesses need a durable entrance door that guards the business.

There are many kinds of doors available for commercial spaces.

However, one of the most popular types of doors for commercial use is a glass door.

Glass doors are also excellent ways to showcase the interiors of a store.

If you want to showcase pleasing aesthetics to entice people in busy streets, you can feature your retail space using glass doors.

Unlike standard doors that are solid material, retail stores can use a glass door for potential customers to see what your store has to offer.

Moreover, glass doors for commercial use often have a different make and build from regular glass doors for home use.

You don’t need to worry, as commercial glass doors are durable and fortified to guard commercial spaces.

Nevertheless, impairments and visible signs of use will be apparent in the glass doors without regular maintenance.

If ever you see damages to these glass doors, there are many services around to help you fix that concern.

Our team of professionals offers expert commercial glass door repairs.

We are Smith Glass, and we offer door repair for the heavy-duty glass door that guards your business.

Common issues with a commercial glass door

The glass door of a commercial space wears down over time.

Due to constant traffic, the door swings open and closes almost every minute of business hours.

If there are damages to the door, it will become an issue to clients or customers entering your business space.

Remember, your glass door is also a way to build first solid impressions to potential clientele.

Make sure that there are no damages to the panels and the mechanism.

Broken glass

Broken glass can happen at any time as a significant amount of force lands on the panels.

Commercial glass doors can withstand a lot of pressure.

However, imagine having an invasion attempt from unwanted individuals.

Invaders can break the glass with heavy equipment and machinery.

When this happens, consider it an emergency and give our team a call.

We will be with you shortly to fix any broken glass and partition in the door frame.

Leaky doors

Another issue with a commercial glass door is leaking.

It’s prevalent for glass doors to exhibit leaks, especially if it’s been in the frame for a long time.

The frame may turn loose, allowing air leaks to occur.

The seal may have damages that prevent it from entirely blocking the air.

Nevertheless, leaky doors can cause a problem in the business space.

When rainwater and external elements build up inside the door frame, book a commercial glass door repair service.


Glass doors typically have more than one layer of glass within the panels.

For commercial glass doors especially, expect around three layers of glass in the panel.

The glass layers protect the business space against weather conditions and dirt.

The difference in temperatures causes the droplets to form in the panels.

When condensation occurs within the glass layers, it defeats the purpose of the glass door to show off the business space to people outside.

Book for an inspection to guarantee that the glass door has tight seals and doesn’t have water build-up inside.

Door closer damages

For most commercial glass doors, a door closer is necessary to provide convenience to people.

When someone pushes the door open, the door should automatically swing back in place.

Damages to the door opener can slow down or block the door from moving.

Not only do these damages cause a hassle to passers-by, but they can also make the glass door have weaker attachments in the frame.

Have a professional look into the parts of the commercial glass door.

The last thing you want is for a glass door to be loose in place and fall on someone who wants to check out your business.

Set a date Smith Glass for the glass doors in your business space

For professional doors that guard your business, expert service is necessary.

We are Smith Glass, and we have given commercial glass door repairs for many business spaces and commercial establishments in town.

If you need an urgent repair or a regular maintenance check, we are the team for you.

We will ensure that your glass doors don’t pose any concern and stress as you run your business every day.

Set a date with our team!

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