How to Fix Your Leaky, Drafty Kitchener Windows

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Break-ins are scary and worrisome affairs on any property.

You never know how vulnerable your household is until you experience a break in attempt from dangerous individuals.

When this happens, you may urge yourself to double-check all entries on your property.

One of the most common ways an intruder gets into a household is via doors and windows.

With the lack of regular maintenance, these common spaces make your home or business less protected.

We urge you to always check and inspect your doors and windows.

You never know if somebody is already trying to tamper with the locks.

Now, all these unwanted individuals need to do is wait when nobody’s home.

Then, they can damage your doors and windows entirely and gain access to your property.

Once you see suspicious signs of altering in any locks, call for a professional service already.

We are Smith Glass, and we offer our break in entry door repair.

We can fix damages that weaken the protection of your door.

Be alert with any signs of force in your doors.

The slightest crack and split can tell you a lot about how people target your home.

Let’s work together to keep each home safe, one entry at a time.

Common signs of break in attempt

Be vigilant in keeping your home safe, windows secured, and doors undamaged.

Never forget that your safety is the priority inside your home.

Look out for any of these signs whenever you enter or exit your place.

Broken door frame or door jamb

Broken door parts are apparent signs of entry.

Depending on the break-in, it’s normal to find kick marks and signs of force in the door.

If you spot any hanging hinge or signs of loose hardware, perform a full inspection of the entrance.

If you see cracks or marks in the door frame, then book for an urgent repair.

One way for the door to swing open is to have loose hardware that attaches it to the frame.

If you come home to broken glass door entrances, there could be valuable things missing already.

Lost spare keys

Homeowners are fond of having spare keys within the property.

In most cases, many owners hide the key in plain sight.

Sometimes, break-ins don’t need to be forceful and intentional.

When you leave your spare key in front, up for grabs, it’s like you’re already inviting unwanted people inside.

Don’t forget to hide your spare keys in a good hiding location.

If you lose your spare keys, it’s time to either change door locks or reinforce your entrance doors.

Scratches in the door locks

Lockpicking and bumping are one of the methods of break in.

In the movies, picking locks may look easy and sleek.

In reality, lockpicking weakens and damages the door cylinder, allowing other people to have easier access inside.

On the other hand, bumping can leave scratch marks on the door handles as an interjecting object leaves force marks on the surface.

If the doorknobs and handles aren’t as spotless as they were before, other people may have tampered with them.

Repair the damage and decide if it’s time to upgrade the door locks in your doors.

Mobile notifications and warnings

Not all doors are the same.

Many modern homes have smart locks to protect the premises.

Smart locks give you a more cutting edge of benefit in terms of 24/7 monitoring features.

Many home systems immediately notify you when somebody is going through your smart locks.

Don’t ignore the alerts that your phone gives you.

You never know; somebody is attempting to get inside your residence while you are currently out.

Set a date with our team for door repair

Break ins may be inevitable, but they are highly preventable events to your property.

If your door is strong enough to withhold any break in attempt or tampering, it gives you enough time to decide what to do next.

We are Smith Glass, and we offer break in entry door repairs.

Nobody wants to experience a break in or a burglary at home.

Loss of valuable items can cost more than door repairs.

As such, make it a habit to book maintenance repairs to your doors.

The cost of minor repairs far less outweighs the cost of your safety.

Let’s all work together to keep safer residences and eliminate the potential for break-ins.

Give our team a call.

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