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A storm door is an additional layer of protection for your property.

Storm doors are outer doors that are right on top of the main doors.

Both doors go together in one door frame of the structure.

Many households and business establishments have big entrance doors that serve as the only protection in the door frame.

When this happens, only the main door gets all kinds of damage from the outside.

All types of dirt and weather elements fall on the main door of the property.

Rainwater and hale can befall the door, pre-empting it to decline in condition faster.

When there is a storm door present, an additional layer protects the main door from these elements.

The storm door also functions as a boost in your security as well.

If unwanted individuals want to get through your main door, it needs to go through the storm door first.

In many cases, this can save your property and wake you up just in time to act on unwanted invasions.

Nevertheless, just as much as the storm door protects your property, you need to maintain it too.

There are storm door repairs in Richmond Hill that can help you with this matter, should you install a storm door at home.

Boost the security and safety in your home or business by maintaining both main entrance doors and storm doors regularly.

Common damages to storm doors

Because the storm doors protect the main doors from damage, it is prone to more issues in the long run.

However, this guarantees that your entrance door is in better condition to guard your home.

If you have expensive and high-end primary entrance access, the storm door gives it extra protection against common damages.

Look out for the common signs of damage to these protective doors in the frame.

Hardware damage

Storm doors have hinges, handles, and all kinds of hardware that keep the door in place.

However, due to its exposure from the outside, expect some rust or damage to form.

Check the storm door for any loose hardware.

Intense hardware damage can pry the storm door loose from the door jambs, causing it to fall and break.

Screen damages

There are many kinds of storm doors available for installation.

Others have screen partitions that improve airflow inside the property.

However, due to the nature of mesh material, the screen partitions can have holes, cracks, and small slits that are hard to see.

When you feel that more pests and insects are flying inside the household, check for damages in the screen mesh.

Broken glass

Many storm doors use various kinds of glass as the primary material of the door pane.

You can choose some of the popular choices for the storm door, which include an upper glass partition and a lower screen partition.

When the glass breaks, the door loses its function to protect the main door.

Consider it an emergency and call Smith Glass when this happens.

Faulty door locks

The storm doors make use of door locks as well.

It’s the additional safety feature that protects your home against intruders and burglars.

Storm doors are more exposed to outside elements.

When colder seasons strike or there is an intense build-up of dirt in the cylinder, you may experience freezing door locks in the storm door.


One of the most common issues of the storm door is the persistence of condensation.

Weather conditions can cause the formation of condensation, especially in colder temperatures.

Constant condensation makes the glass in your storm door blurry.

Attend to this issue urgently as water build-up inside the layers can cause more damage to the door material.

Book our team of technicians from Smith Glass for door repairs

Reliable repair services are necessary in cases of emergency.

When you need storm door repair in Richmond Hill, who can you call?

It is best to call experts to give professional and efficient repairs to your storm door.

We are Smith Glass, and we offer our door repair services to you.

We want you to have the highest level of protection that storm doors can give.

When you experience damages and common issues to your storm doors, it may affect your main doors.

Give our team a call to help you maintain and repair the storm doors in your home or business.

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