Preparing Your Home for Window Installation

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Window installation is a big deal for house and property owners.

Your windows will be a major part of your house for many years.

Thus, you have to make the necessary preparations to make the installation process a success.

Preparing your home for window installation is a prerequisite to having reliable and durable windows.

Not only will it make the process easier and smoother, but it will also guarantee that you get the windows that you want for your home.

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Is Your House Ready for Window Installation?

Preparing your home for window installation can save you a lot of valuable time.

It will make the job of window technicians easier, and it would also eliminate any hassle in the installation process.

Here’s everything you have to do to ensure that your house is ready for window installation.

Disconnect your Alarm and Security Systems

Since you’re expecting window technicians to come over to your place and work with your windows, it would be best if you deactivate your security systems first.

This is so that your alarm system won’t turn on, and your window installers can start working peacefully.

Clear The Work Area, Inside and Out

Anything unnecessary near or in the work area will only hinder the installation process.

Thus, you have to remove items that are not needed for your window installation, like furniture, paintings, or toys near your window.

Also, get rid of window accessories like curtains, curtain rods, and blinds.

Don’t forget the space outside your window.

There may be plants, sculptures, and other unnecessary things outside your house that would only make the task harder for window installers.

Clear these things away, so the installers can conveniently work from the outside.

Keep Out of The Work Area

As much as unnecessary things are an impediment to a smooth installation process, so are people.

Thus, if you don’t have anything important to do near the workspace, you better leave the installers to do their task.

However, you should also be available to provide the installers with any help they need.

Also, you should keep your children and pets away from the window installation area.

They will only serve as a distraction and complicate the task.

There’s also a possibility that they could get injured if they stay in the work area.

Provide Enough Space for Window Installation

Window technicians are equipped with professional-grade tools and equipment to make their tasks easier.

So, if you want them to install your windows as efficiently and correctly as possible, you have to give their equipment adequate space.

You should also be ready to assist them if they need anything from your house, such as a socket to plug their extension cords in.

Prepare for Dust Production

You have to understand that window installation will inevitably produce high amounts of dust.

It could be detrimental if someone in your family is allergic to it.

Thus, you have to keep that person away from the work area until you finish cleaning up.

Also, window installation can be messy.

You might want to cover any furniture, fixtures, or items near the window to help you manage the dust.

This measure will help you clean up after your windows have been installed.


Window installation is not an easy job.

In order to properly install your windows, you need to be skilled and equipped with the necessary tools.

You also have to make sure that your work area is in its best state.

Don’t make the task harder than it already is.

If you’re not doing the window installation yourself, help your window installers by preparing your home for the installation process.

This is the least you could do to make window installation easier and hassle-free.

If you plan to have a new window installed for your home in Guelph or Kitchener, don’t hesitate to call Window Repair Smith Glass.

We offer reliable window installation and repair services in the area.

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