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Planning for a window installation is essential to business owners.

Since these windows will be part of your growing company for decades, you need to plan accordingly.

Preparing for window installation ultimately helps in a successful window installation.

Prepping your business property is required to achieve secure and durable windows.

It will also ensure that your windows are air-tight and water-tight to prevent any drafting and leaking.

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Ensure That Your Building Is Ready For Window Installation

Make sure that you clean any obstructed path before the day of installation.

The window installers will walk in and out of your building all day.

So, for their safety and yours as well, remove any types of furniture or blockage that may impede their task.

Disengage Your Security Alarms

Considering that your window experts will come to your property, you should disengage the building’s alarm first.

That’s because you don’t want your security alarms to turn on accidentally while your window technician is working.

If you turn off your alarms the day before the installation, they can come to your building with ease.

Make Sure That You Give Them Access To Your Property

It is essential to plan your schedule before doing window installation.

If you can’t be there due to work, make sure that you give your window technicians access to your property.

You can ask some of your employees to let the installers in your property and to assist them.

You can also call your property manager to disable the door security system.

As a result, your window installers can work at your place even when you’re not around.

In this case, they can finish their installation without a problem.

Keep Your Work Out Of The Workplace

If you can do your business tasks in another place, then keep out of the work area.

You and your employees can relocate to another room.

This is so that you don’t get distracted and injured during the installation process.

It’s also advantageous to stay out of the working area so your workers can focus on their tasks without any distraction.

If your installers need anything for the window installation, you should be available to give them what they need.

Give Sufficient Space For Window Installers

You should expect that your window installers will carry large and heavy windows from time to time.

They will also bring with them their high-grade equipment and tools to perform their window installation effectively.

To allow your technicians to install windows as effectively and accurately as possible, provide them with enough space for their equipment and belongings.

Make sure that the space you provide them is easy to reach.

Also, if they need anything from you, like an electric socket to plug their extension cords, you should be available to assist them.

Expect Your Workplace To Be Dusty

Take note that window installation results in large amounts of dust particles.

So, you better prepare if anyone in your workplace has an allergy to dust.

If so, you should stay away from the window installation area until it is dust-free.

Additionally, if you still have office tables, equipment, and other furniture on the site, you should remove them to prevent them from getting dusty.

For fixtures and heavy equipment, you can cover them so you can easily dust them afterwards.


We know that preparing your property for window installation would take some time.

However, if you plan this perfectly, all the efforts you made will pay off after.

Preparing your business for window installation will also prevent anyone from getting injured.

If you’re not doing window installation yourself, assist your window installers by preparing your property for installation.

Call Window Repair Smith Glass for your new window installation for your business property in Waterloo.

We have highly skilled window technicians who can install your windows correctly the first time.

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