How to Repair a Cracked Door Closer

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A door closer is an additional feature for doors to control door speed and swinging.

When you leave a door open, the door closer slowly swings back the door in place.

It is the mechanism on top of the door that holds on to two parts:

the door and the door frame.

The door closer has a body usually attached to the door.

Then, the metal arms stick out to swing your door back in place.

Door closers easily damage, especially with improper installation.

Constant use (with each opening and closing of the door) and weathering conditions, wear out the door closer fast.

Rust build-up can destroy the mechanism of the door closer.

Damaged door closers also pose danger and unexpected injuries to anybody.

A cracked door closer can result in fast swinging doors or fast door slams.

Always check for anything in the way of the door frames.

There are professional repair services to assure that your door closer is in pristine condition.

Window Repair Smith Glass can fix your malfunctioning door closer.

We know how to repair a cracked door closer.

Broken door closer arm

The door arms are the metal strips that stick out.

The function of the arm is to hold the closer body and the frame together and pull the door back.

Some of the common causes of damage are loose arm shoe screws, rust from constant exposure.

Though it can cause issues in your doorways, it’s not impossible to fix it.

Prepare the necessary tools for the repair job.

Prepare all possible tools you need like a screwdriver and a wrench.

Just in case there is rust build-up, prepare a welding machine.

Climb on top of a chair and take a careful look at the arms.

One end is usually attached to the door frame via the arm shoe.

The other end is attached to the door closer body with the spindle.

Inspect the arm of the door closer.

Check for the presence of rust in the arm connector and its shaft.

The rust build-up can cause the arms not to go through the shaft fully.

This usually results in a crack within the connector.

When you open the door, there is usually friction.

Fix the crack in the connector.

This is the time you’ll need a welding machine to fill in the crack caused by the rust.

Fill up the cracks by welding metal spare metal pieces.

Polish any excess metal from the welding to even out the connector placement.

The connector should go through its shaft.

If the connector is in good condition, look for any loose screws.

Focus on the arm shoe on the door frame.

This might be the cause of the problem.

Tighten loose screws on the arms to strengthen their hold.

One symptom of a loose arm is clicking sounds that come from the door closer.

Damages in the door closer make your door more accident-prone.

Prevent future door accidents by inspecting your door closer.

This is one of the ways on how to repair a cracked door closer.

Damaged spring power adjustment

If the arm isn’t the problem in the closer, inspect the adjustment.

The power adjustment is the one responsible for the closing force of the door.

It is a spring within the tube that has adjustable tension.

Many door closers have adjustment knobs that increase or decrease the closing speed of the door.

  1. Take the screwdriver and unscrew the door closer cover. Inside the cover is the power adjustment or the springs.
  2. Turn the knob until you see the springs.
  3. Check for any rust in the spring. It is natural for springs to gather rust over time. However, this damages the door closer.
  4. If you see rust in the spring, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Get a new spring of a similar size and replace the rusty spring.
  5. Remove the rusty spring and clasp the spring ends of the new spring.
  6. Turn the knob to set the tension.
  7. Carefully screw in the cover again.
  8. Test the closer by opening the door and adjust the tension accordingly.

Contact us to repair your door closer!

Expert professionals are available to give your door closers replacement and repair services.

Window Repair Smith Glass is here for your damaged door closers.

Door closer repairs can be a tricky job.

You’ll need skillful people who know how to repair a cracked door closer.

We are here to give you that service.

It is dangerous to leave a loose door closer without inspection.

Heavy doors can also get damages from their slams.

Worse, there could be someone closing a heavy door with a broken closer.

Accidents can result from the situation.

Call us now and allow us to provide you safety and peace of mind.

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