How to Fix Your Leaky, Drafty Kitchener Windows

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Do you feel irritated when your windows become drafty?

Does it make you feel uncomfortable when the cold air escapes from your house in the summer?

A drafty window is a common problem that is also critical.

Aside from being uncomfortable, you might end up having a large amount on your electric bill at the end of the month.

Fortunately, we will give you solutions on how to fix your leaky, drafty windows.

If you notice that you have drafty windows, you should immediately seal any gaps.

However, if you need the help of a window technician, call Window Repair Smith Glass to fix your leaky windows.

If you live in Waterloo, we have a team of window experts that will finish the job efficiently and correctly.

We have different window services, such as installation, repair, and maintenance for commercial and residential establishments.

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Common Reasons For A Drafty Windows

Before starting to fix any issues, you should first locate where the problem originates.

Identifying the cause of the issue will give you a quick solution.

  • Windows sealants are deteriorating – A common but critical problem is seal failure due to a broken weather seal. This is a natural thing when your sealants are old and overused. It could also be due to improper window installation.
  • Improper installation of windows – Due to improper window installation, you might end up having drafty windows. That means a gap between the frame and window will occur at any time.

If you notice that your window doesn’t fit, call a window technician to fix the issue immediately.

Don’t try to do a DIY window installation, because you may end up with bigger gaps and holes on your window.

Install Window Locks

If you have a broken lock on your window, this may cause air or water to leak inside your home.

If you do have damaged locks, you need to repair or replace them immediately.

Supposing that your windows are big, you can mount two locks to seal all the gaps around the sash.

It’s better to place the two locks some inches from the external edges, instead of installing a single lock in the middle.

Put Weatherstripping On Your Windows

Once you fix your locks, drag down the sash of your window.

Put some weatherstripping on the top edge of your window, and then force the window sash up.

This tightens the seal, allowing your window to be air- and- water-tight when you lock it.

Make Sure You Have Window Treatments

If you have blinds, heavy drapes, and curtains at home, that should suffice as additional protection for the extreme weather.

Supposing it’s freezing outside, make sure to layer your blinds and your curtains to provide you heat for the entire room.

Additionally, adding a corning to your drapes will help lessen the airflow by 20 to 25 percent.

Make sure that you leave one window in every room that is well-functioning to guarantee your safety.

Consider Vinyl Windows

If you have a drafty window because of your old windows, it’s time for you to replace them.

Vinyl windows are your best option if you want to replace your existing windows.

This window material offers more insulation and durability than aluminum or wood windows.

If you install vinyl windows, you won’t have to worry again about any leaks or drafts that can sneak through your home.

That’s because the frame of a vinyl window is well-insulated.

You won’t find this feature in any other window styles in the market.


We understand the frustration you’re experiencing right now because of your drafty and leaky windows.

The best solution we can recommend to you is to replace your broken weather sealant.

This affordable and practical method can solve unwanted airflow or water leaks into your house.

However, if your windows are too old and are suffering from deterioration, replacing them would be your best option.

If you need to replace your windows, contact Window Repair Smith Glass to help you install the best windows for your house.

At our company, we got the best window experts that have years of expertise in the field.

We offer efficient and reliable window services for both residential and commercial establishments in Waterloo.

Book with Window Repair Smith Glass now!

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