How To Fix Leaking Windows

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Plink. Plink. Plink.

It sounds like it’s raining outside and water is dripping from your window.

If rainwater seeps through your windows, you should fix your windows immediately.

Repairing your windows will not only prevent water from leaking into your home, but it would also ensure that your windows are in their best condition.

This article will help you to fix those leaking windows in your house.

Our experts will guide you in resolving basic window issues.

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Common Leaking Windows Causes and Fixes

It’s not the weather that’s to blame here if your windows leak.

Rather, it’s your defective and poorly installed windows.

Here are some common causes why your windows are leaking, and ways on how to fix leaking windows:

Broken Weather Sealant

Every window is capped off with weather stripping to seal any holes and gaps on your window.

This weather sealant blocks water and rain from entering your house.

It also plays a major role in the retention of your internal house temperature by preventing undesirable airflow to or from your house.

If you observe that your weather sealant is damaged, stripped away, or improperly installed, you can expect your windows to leak when it rains.

You would also notice that your house is not as energy-efficient as it was when your window has impeccable weather stripping.

To fix your leaking window due to weather sealant issues, you simply have to strip off the damaged rubber caulking and apply a new one with a caulking gun.

Damaged Glazing Putty

Another common cause of leaking windows is damaged glaze putty in insulated glass windows.

This gas seal is another type of window sealant found in between the panes of two or three-paned windows.

If this sealant becomes damaged, moisture may seep in between the panes, and rainwater will seep through the holes of your window.

Fixing damaged gas seals is pretty much like repairing broken or missing weather sealant.

You simply have to re-apply caulk to close off any space between the glass panes.

Clogged Gutter and Damaged Roof

While not exactly a window issue, a faulty gutter or roof can contribute to your window leaking.

When your gutter or roof is not functioning well, rainwater that’s supposed to drain instead goes into your windows.

After the rain, you may notice that the wall directly above your window is stained with rainwater.

This usually indicates that your gutter is clogged or broken, or that your roof is damaged.

The effects of these non-window problems would be more noticeable if your window sealant is damaged or missing.

To resolve the issue, you need to check your gutter and remove any leaves or debris that may be clogging it.

If your roof or gutter is damaged, you should call a technician to repair or replace these parts.

Faulty Installation

Sometimes, the problem of leaking windows lies in the window installation itself.

If you hired an amateur window installer, faulty installation is likely the cause why your window is penetrable to water.

Your installer probably didn’t apply the weather seal or glaze putty correctly.

Or, there may be damages to your window frame or flashing, hence the water percolating through your windows.

In this case, you may need to replace your window with a new one.

When you do, remember to hire professional window installers.

Don’t make the same mistake again, and call your local window technician to repair or replace your leaking windows.


Rainy days are not exciting with leaking windows.

It’s frustrating to catch and wipe all the rainwater that’s entering your house.

If the damage is extreme, your home can get flooded when it rains hard.

If you leave your leaking windows unresolved, you’ll suffer more damages and problems.

That’s why it’s best to fix the issue right when you notice it.

In case the basic repair methods didn’t work for your leaking windows, you need to call Window Repair Smith Glass to help you with.

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With our expert team that’s always available, your window and home will be ready for whatever weather.

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