How to Clean Vinyl Window Frames

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Vinyl window frames are a popular option among the variety of window frame materials.

It is cheaper compared to aluminum frames.

It is also easy to install and energy-efficient.

On top of these, vinyl window frames are low maintenance.

They are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a durable type of plastic.

Once you paint your window frames, you won’t have to repaint them soon.

While vinyl window frames don’t need much maintenance, regularly cleaning your windows wouldn’t hurt.

In fact, it would be advantageous in prolonging the life of your window.

Take this article as a guide on how to clean vinyl window frames.

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Why Should You Clean Your Vinyl Window Frames?

No matter how new your vinyl windows are, a good cleaning would improve their appearance and lengthen their life.

Over time, dirt and dust may collect over your window surfaces.

This would come from various external sources, including rain, snow, and smoke from vehicles.

As a result, your previously transparent window would turn into a translucent one.

Light won’t be able to pass clearly into your house, and your curb appeal would suffer.

DIY Vinegar Cleaning Solution

One cost-effective method of cleaning your vinyl window frames is using a popular homemade cleaning solution: vinegar and water.

Vinegar works pretty much like all-purpose cleaners found in the market.

But it’s gentler and safer to use on vinyl window frames.

To create the solution, mix water and vinegar in the ratio 7:3.

You may also add lemon extract to neutralize the unpleasant smell of vinegar.

After creating the solution, you can place it in a spray bottle for easy application.

When you’re ready to clean, spray a generous amount of the solution on your vinyl window.

Wait for a few minutes, so that the dust and grime dissolve.

Use a soft brush to clean and reach the corners and crannies of your window frame.

After which, you can wipe the now-dirty vinegar solution away using a clean rag or microfiber cloth.

Vinyl-safe Soap Cleaners

Another approach you can use to clean your vinyl window frames is to use gentle non-detergent soap.

When choosing a product, make sure that it doesn’t contain alcohol, bleach, ammonia, and abrasive agents.

Products like Dreft, Woolite, or Murphy Oil Soap are good to use on vinyl window frames.

Windex, on the other hand, is not.

If you’re unsure of what cleaning products to use for your window, it’s best to consult a window expert.

Else, you might end up scratching your vinyl paint.

Using vinyl-safe cleaners is pretty much like how you use the vinegar solution.

You simply apply the cleaner, and then wipe your window frames, glass, and surfaces with a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning Tough and Stubborn Stains

Sometimes, you may leave out a few stains after cleaning your window frame.

This stubborn dirt may require stronger but non-abrasive commercial cleaning products.

If you go to the supermarket, you can see various cleaning products that can remove tougher stains.

Again, if you don’t know what type of cleaning product to buy, you should seek the help of professionals.

Maintaining Your Vinyl Window Frames

As mentioned, vinyl window frames do not require much aftercare.

Nevertheless, if you want clean and shiny windows, you can achieve so by applying vinyl polish and UV protection products.

Coating an anti-UV product on your vinyl window frames will prevent them from discoloration and damages caused by the sun.

Together with vinyl polish, UV protection would keep your vinyl window shinier and more long-lived.

Expert Vinyl Window Care in Guelph and Kitchener

If you take care of vinyl windows, it would boost your curb appeal and increase your property value.

It could also save you from future repairs or replacement

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