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Do you know what spring means? It means it’s cleaning time!

We understand that cleaning your windows is not that kind of fun for you.

However, washing your windows will make your replacement windows look fresh again.

If you don’t know how to clean your replacement windows, luckily, this article will give you tips and tricks for quick and efficient window washing.

Assuming you forgot to clean your windows for years, they might suffer from deterioration.

As a result, you might end up replacing them because of cracked parts.

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When Do You Need To Clean Your Windows?

Some homeowners think that a bright and sunny day is the best time to clean windows.

However, washing your windows during this time has a disadvantage too.

One downside is that the heat can dry out your windows before you can wipe them with a towel.

As a result, your glass could have a streak or mark left on it.

This scenario wouldn’t apply if you wash your windows in the fall or spring.

During this season, you feel comfy and you can open your windows for cleaning.

Thus, spring is the best time to wash your windows.

Check All The Dust

Before you spray anything, it is essential to check your replacement windows first to make sure that there’s no dust or dirt left.

Wipe everything before applying a cleaning solution to prevent any dirt and residue that will stick to your glass.

Check both your window frame and sill to ensure that you wipe the debris completely on your replacement windows.

Clean Each Side of Your Windows

After removing the dust on your windows, you can now spray your desired window cleaner on the inner side of your glass.

If you have a clean cloth, wipe the entire glass and wait for it to dry.

Next, clean the exterior portion of your window.

If your replacement window has a tilting feature, tilt it to the other side and repeat the cleaning process.

If your window doesn’t incline, you can use a ladder or a hose to clean the exterior part.

Cleaning Your Windows On Sunny Day Is Not Advisable

If you need to wash your replacement windows, don’t do so on a sunny day.

High heat can dry your window glass quickly, and will leave water stains or streaks on it.

Besides, the extreme heat of the sun could hurt your skin and make you sweat excessively.

Rather, you should stand by and wait for a cloudy day to finish your cleaning chore.

Window washing during this kind of day will make your glass window as good as new.

And, you’ll surely be happy with the outcome.

What Cleaning Products Should You Use?

If you’re thinking of buying a cleaning solution at a store, make sure that the product you buy results in less streaking.

Check as well that it’s safe for the material of your window.

On the other hand, you could also opt for a homemade cleaner.

It’s effective and much safer to use than commercial window cleaners.

First, combine a cup of ammonia, one tablespoon of any dishwashing soap, four drops of rubbing alcohol, and water to make a cleaner.

Mix the solution well and place it in a spray bottle.

After which, your product is good to use – you can now spray it on your window glass for cleaning.

Advantages Of Regular Cleaning Of Your Windows

One advantage of regularly cleaning your replacement window is to maintain your home’s curb appeal.

Cleaning can also lengthen the life of your replacement windows.

Additionally, if you manage to keep your windows perfectly, it can increase your home’s value.

A well-maintained window can be your asset in case you sell your property.

Smith Glass Repair Different Services

At Smith Glass Repair, we have different glass services, such as window installation, repair, and maintenance.

Because of our glass technician’s skills and expertise, we can carry out a wide range of window services for your home or commercial establishment.

Supposing you need a broken window repair or replacement services, contact Window Repair Smith Glass for a fast response.

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