How to Clean a Double Hung Window

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Who wants to have dirty windows? We assume that you like your double-hung windows to look fresh and clean at all times.

Although you cannot expect windows to be good as new forever, cleaning them will help your windows keep their splendid appearance.

It could also make a good impression on your house. Additionally, cleaning your double-hung window can prevent wear and tear over time.

If you don’t take good care of your windows, it could cause you problems in the future.

To prevent this, you must know how you can properly clean your window.

Fortunately, this article will give you tips on how to clean a double-hung window.

Assuming that your windows suffer from wear and tear, you might need to replace them.

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Remove the Screen of Your Double Hung Windows

Take out the screen of your double-hung window.

We suggest doing this first to reach the outside glass of your windows.

This allows you to check your double-hung windows if repairs are needed.

After you remove the screen, vacuum the lower sill of your windows.

This sill stores a bunch of dust, and if you vacuum it first, cleaning your window will be much easier.

To release the sill, raise and open the bottom sash for a few inches.

After that, clear as much debris as you can by using an extension hose.

Clean The Inside Of Your Double Hung Windows

As long as you clean both sides, it doesn’t matter whether you clean the exterior or interior part of your double-hung windows first.

It’s just a matter of personal taste on how you do things in order.

However, cleaning the interior first gives your windows a cleaner appearance despite the dirt that exists on the exterior.

Generally, the interior of your window is not as filthy as the exterior part.

Also, if you have detachable internal grilles, you should remove them to clean the inside part of your windows.

Clean The Outer Part Of Your Double Hung Windows

In contrast to a single-hung window, a double-hung window allows you to clean the exterior from the inside.

If your house has a second or third story, it would be easier for you to clean your windows if it is double-hung.

If you want to clean your windows from the inside, you can simply raise the lower sash by about eight inches.

After doing that, find the tilt hatch inside your house and drag it inwards.

Steadily incline the double-hung window facing the interior side of your home until you reach the 90-degree angle.

Be careful not to over-tilt your window.

Or else, you might damage your window frame.

Take your time, and do not rush in cleaning.

Create A Strong Mixing Solution

Some windows build up too much dirt on their exterior side, especially if you haven’t cleaned them for years.

Because of that, homeowners find it troublesome to clean them.

However, if you create a powerful cleaning solution, you can remove that dirt effortlessly.

Most homeowners find it easy to clean their windows by blending a solution of one to three tablespoons of vinegar with water.

If you want to make your windows look good as new, we advise that you invest in squeegee.

A squeegee will help you clean your window and will not leave any dirt on your double-hung window.

Be Cautious When Cleaning Your Windows

In contrast to single-hung, you can easily clean a double-hung window.

Nevertheless, you must be careful in tilting the lower or top sash of your window to avoid any damage.

If you have difficulty tilting the windows, it might be a sign that you have to replace your old windows.


The more you regularly clean your windows, the more you can appreciate them.

Taking good care of your windows will make them last for a long time.

It would also make your home appear more elegant.

If you want to have double-hung windows, contact Window Repair Smith Glass, so we can install them in your home.

At our company, we have high-standard double-hung windows that will surely improve your house appearance.

We offer high-quality glass services for both residential and commercial property.

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