How Much Is It to Replace a Wooden Door

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Wooden doors are popular choices for homes and business establishments.

It is one of the primary materials for door installations or replacements.

Wooden doors come in all sizes and designs.

Many artisans and producers make refined doors that add pleasing visuals to the infrastructure.

One way to elevate the look of your house is by having an accent wooden door.

Different types of wood and various color variations add a quirk to the existing wood slab.

Wood doors are highly customizable too.

A wide range of options and variations can transform your door.

Choosing the right wooden door to replace your current door can be daunting.

How are you supposed to choose out of all the choices out there?

First, consider your pre-existing factors.

These conditions can narrow down your next replacement wooden door.

Next, choose expert individuals who can replace your door properly.

Remember, you are not only considering the door.

The door frame, doorway, and current house structure affect your door replacement.

Reliability and professional service should be the last thing in your mind.

We are here to give you a replacement service that can last a long time.

We are Window Repair Smith Glass.

We specialize in door replacement, window installations, and window replacement.

We know that your next thought in mind will be, “how much is it to replace a wooden door?”

Think of these conditions and aspects for your next-door replacement work.

Door frame and doorway conditions

Before selecting your next wooden door, inspect your current doorway first.

Look at your door and the door frame.

Usually, damages in the door frame indicate that you need to attend to it first.

An unsteady door frame is dangerous for your door.

There’s a chance that your doorway structure will give out.

Wooden doors are heavy slabs of wood.

They need good hinges and foundation to last longer.

The hinges might not hold with damaged door frames.

If your door frame is in good condition, that’s less cost for you to think about.

You can now think about your wooden door.

Door type and size

Pre-hung wooden doors come with a door frame.

This kind of wooden door suits homes without existing door frames.

To install a pre-hung wooden door, it is set within the doorway.

Then we will work on putting it in the proper position.

Pre-hung doors cost more.

Add an estimated additional $300 for pre-hung doors compared to door slabs.

Wooden door slabs are basic wooden doors.

They don’t come with a door frame.

Wooden door slabs also don’t come with some hardware and accessories.

You’ll need to purchase those accessories separate from the door.

Even with the necessary accessories for a door slab, it will cost less.

The prerequisite frame from pre-hung doors adds a huge chunk to a single wooden door slab.

Doors also come as hollow or solid.

Hollow doors are great lightweight options.

If you want to push open a door easier, hollow wooden doors are a better fit for your home.

Generally, solid wooden doors cost more than hollow doors.

Wooden door material

There are many wood variations for wooden door slabs.

Some wood cost less than others.

A lot of wooden doors have expensive wood material.


the most popular wooden door material.

It is very durable and compatible with paint and additional coating.


This material makes for an affordable wooden door.

It resists moisture shrinks and swells well.

This type of wood is prone to scratches and marks.


Cherry comes with a deep brown color that darkens over time.

Cherry is one of the more pricey materials for wooden doors.


Maple is one of the most durable wood materials for doors.

It is also very heavy in weight. It is necessary to have proper finishing for maple wood.

This mitigates the appearance of scratches on the surface.


Redwood wooden doors are good insect repellent.

The material produces a substance that dissuades insects from getting close.

Redwood is one of the more costly wood materials as it has unique properties that only grow better with age.

These are just some of the popular wood choices available.

There are other wooden materials suitable as wooden doors for your home.

Search and find the wooden doors that go with your needs.

Wooden door accessories

Most accessories don’t come with a single wooden slab.

A complete door system is necessary to ensure your safety.

These are some of the most common hardware and accessories that you can add to your door.

Unfortunately, installing these can raise your total replacement costs.

  • Bumper
  • Door closer
  • Door Stopper
  • Doorbell
  • Doorknob
  • Flush pull
  • Metal inscriptions like letters, numbers, and symbols
  • Smart lock
  • Hinges
  • Deadbolt
  • Door guard
  • Door viewer

Pick out the most necessary accessories that will help you at home.

Don’t forget to add these little additions when you inquire about your service, “how much is it to replace a wooden door?”

Replace your current door with a new wooden door!

Lastly, we know you’ll be concerned about the door replacement service.

Most services charge on a per-hour basis.

Here at Window Repair Smith Glass, we give affordable door replacement service.

We want our expertise and knowledge to be accessible to all home-owners.

We don’t have a one-price-fits-all because all replacement jobs are different.

This applies to our home window repair, window installation, and window replacements too.

If you want to know “how much is it to replace a wooden door?” from us, give us a call.

We can talk and we can give you a clear quotation for your work.

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