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Replacing your windows at home can be one of your best decisions in life.

Windows serve more than just visual and light functions.

There’s more to a window than just being a keeper from the outside.

There are many choices of windows available in the market.

Have no concerns about finding the perfect window.

There are many models in stores and suppliers.

There are also many window replacement services available.

Always inquire with professionals and ask this:

how much does it cost to replace a window?

Prepare your budget to know more about window replacement costs.

This will save you the anxiety of going beyond the budget.

There are many window properties and service rates that affect the total expense.

Reasons to replace a window

There are many reasons to replace windows at home.

Windows are always exposed to outside conditions.

As such, signs of wear and weathering appear over time.

This is normal for all types of windows.

You can’t avoid a window replacement service if you have broken windows.

They are important aspects of your home structure and function.

A broken window either from an accident or brute force damages the window material.

If the incident is worse, the window frame will also have damages too.

This can cost you more expenses for a replacement.

If you’re planning to upgrade your home design, why not include your windows as well.

The small investment in replacing the windows can increase home value in the future.

Property values rise with valuable additions inside.

With innovations and developments in window design, more functional windows are available.

Many manufacturers design and make window models that are energy efficient.

Keeping your home warm in the colder season is a valid reason to replace energy-efficient window units.

Always check the energy-efficient rating of the window.

This can help you determine which windows keep your home warmer.

Window unit rates (based on the mechanism)

The mechanism of the window affects the price of the unit.

The mechanism usually works hand-in-hand with more functions.

Some window mechanisms control air leaks.

Others are more suitable for better air circulation inside.

Different mechanisms equal different rates for window units.

On average, one brand new window unit costs more than $200.

This doesn’t include the replacement service and other window accessories.

Expect a single-window unit to fall within the following price range:

  • Single-hung windows – $200 to $500
  • Double-hung windows – $300 to $1000
  • Sliding windows – $300 to $1500
  • Casement windows – $300 to $2000

We are Window Repair Smith Glass.

You can always ask us this: “how much does it cost to replace a window?”

Call us for available window units and packages.

Window unit rates (based on material)

The material of the window is one of the factors for any change in window price.

More sturdy material and finish raise the prices of the window.

This also means an increase in the durability of the window.

More suitable materials can withstand harsher external weathering conditions.

You should also count on the fact that bigger window sizes mean bigger rates.

These are some of the most common window material and its average price range:

  • Aluminum – $500 to $1500
  • Vinyl – $600 to $2500
  • Wood – $150 to $2000
  • Fiberglass – $500 to $1500

Customized windows are also available for you to specify the window you want.

Ask suppliers and stores if they can custom-make windows for you.

Expect the windows to be more expensive.

As they are not the ones usually available, they require more work before delivery.

Window hardware

Some items and pieces are optional in window replacement.

Nevertheless, they add more functions to your window.

This can help prolong the life of your new window. Here are some accessories.

You’ll need to purchase these items separately.

  • Window Latch
  • Window handles
  • Pushrods
  • Weatherstrips
  • Support blocks
  • Slide bars
  • Restrictors
  • Window locks
  • Corner brackets
  • Security stay

Replacement service price

Replacement services vary in rate.

If you’re only looking to replace one window, it will take less time and cost less.

Expect the services to be as much as $400 to $1000 for a single window.

Longer complete home window replacement projects take longer.

The price for this kind of service is not small.

Total costs that include service and new windows can go as much as $4000 to $10000.

This amount doesn’t include any window frame service.

Each replacement job is different.

Many factors come into play for the service.

The best thing to do is call us for a clear inquiry.

We will give you a good quotation for your window replacement.

Call us to replace your windows at home

We know that you’re looking for professionals who can get the job done.

A window replacement is definitely a big deal for you.

Improper installations can sometimes cost you the same amount in the future.

So if you wonder again “how much does it cost to replace a window?”

The answer depends on the number of windows and the replacement service.

Nevertheless, we assure you affordable prices with our work.

Don’t take these changes lightly.

Call Window Repair Smith Glass for professional window replacement and window installation.

We give you top-notch work for your new home addition.

If you only need a window repair, we have home window repair services too.

We can fix your window if you want to solve small damages

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