How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Door

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A time comes when your door will be due for replacement.

If you’re changing your home visuals or experiencing damage, a replacement is necessary.

Not all services have the same cost.

For each different company, there are different factors and rates you need to put into consideration.

There are millions of doors available for you to choose from.

If you are looking for a more specific look, you don’t have to worry.

There is always a door that fits perfectly for your next replacement.

Window Repair Smith Glass offer door replacement services.

We can work with replacing any door within your household.

You might be curious about this: how much does it cost to replace a door.

It’s possible to get a closer estimate.

These are some things you can consider.

Door unit price

The bulk of door replacement costs usually fall on the door unit itself.

Since you are replacing your new door completely, a new unit is necessary.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have a door on the frame.

Different factors affect the price of the door.

Various styles and additions increase the price of the door.

Generally, the simpler the door, the less it costs.


Pre-hung doors exist within a door frame.

These doors come with the pertinent accessories for a functional door.

The door slab, hinges, and door frame are part of the purchase price.

Pre-hung doors have an existing door knob slot.

Single doors already have a striker slot within the frame.

Double doors have the striker slot on the other door.

Essentially, pre-hung doors fit a doorway already and all you need to do is set it in.

Coming with hinges and a door frame, a pre-hung door costs more.

If you have a doorway that lacks a polished door frame, a pre-hung door fits your need best.

Take note of the doorway dimensions so you don’t have problems with the door size.


Door slabs are the individual doors without the door frame.

It is the most basic item for door replacement.

It costs less than a pre-hung door.

However, it doesn’t come with the other accessories necessary in a pre-hung door.

Most door slabs already have an existing door knob slot.

Door designs

The door design is usually for the aesthetic purpose of the door.

There are millions of door designs you can choose from.

Different suppliers and different stores specialize in producing doors from different materials.

More intricate doors cost more than normal doors because of the design.

Basic doors without any coating and polish will have lower prices.

You can choose a separate service to coat your doors.

However, this will cause you to spend on other door work.

The average door price per unit starts at around $200.

This doesn’t include all the accessories, hardware, and customization you want.

  • Wooden door – $200 to $4000
  • Steel door – $200 to $2000
  • Fiberglass door – $200 to $6500
  • Aluminum door – $150 to $2600

Some shops offer custom-built doors.

These doors don’t have a fixed price.

More custom functions and accessory additions increase the price of the door.

You are also paying for the custom work and replacement service of your door.

Additional door items

Other things increase the price of the door.

Most of the accessories and additions to the door are hardware.

Other additions are treatments and mechanisms to support the door.

You can choose to buy your door with these additional items.


  • Door closer
  • Doorknobs
  • Door stopper
  • Door viewer
  • Bolts and knockers
  • Plates
  • Push plate
  • Doorbell buttons
  • Striker
  • Built-in glass panel
  • Glass


Coating i.e. polish, varnish
Chemical treatments

Replacement service rates

There are different ways to price a replacement service.

You can talk to the contractor and find out the rates.

The time and schedule can sometimes affect this price.


Hourly rates differ per service provider and door type.

The average hourly rate for door replacement is around $70 per hour.

This rate applies to pre-hung doors and door slabs.

For pre-hung doors, less time is needed.

Most replacements only need proper fitting and installation in a prepared doorway.

For door slabs without the existing frame, the service cost is frequently higher.

More complicated additions to the replacement also raise the price of the service.

Note that not all services have the same price.

For more professional services, expect the rates to be higher.


Traveling to and from the location also influences the price.

It is common to have rates for locations that are farther.


If you want to have other services with the replacement, all you need to do is inquire.

You can always ask for a quotation to have a total cost estimate for your replacement service.

Ask this: how much does it cost to replace a door?

Companies should give you a clear estimate of the service.

We will give you our quotation.

Door replacement services that are ready for you

Window Repair Smith Glass is available to help you replace your door.

We also have window installation, window replacement, and home window repair.

This can go with an overall service for your entry points.

If you ask us this: “how much does it cost to replace a door?”

Our answer is, we give affordable services that don’t compromise quality.

Replacing a door is not an easy task.

As an integral part of your home door replacement is major housework.

It doesn’t only include the new door and its accessories.

Your home foundation affects how smooth the door replacement service goes.

Don’t risk any future issues with improper replacement work.

This will not only damage the door but also the door frame of your doorway.

This is an important part of your house’s structure.

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