How Much Is It to Replace a Wooden Door

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Cracks can make a door look unpleasant.

Having big cracks makes your beautiful entrance doors look vulnerable as well.

Imagine having expensive wood slabs with persisting cracks and damages to the polished surface.

Not only do cracks tarnish the beautiful surface of the door.

The presence of cracks can make your door look unreliable in terms of protection.

The door may look like it’s ready to give out anytime soon.

Cracked doors can invite unwanted intruders, giving the impression that your home is not as protected as possible.

It’s easier to go through big doors when there are already weaker spots in the panel.

Unwanted people can compromise your home by taking advantage of the cracks in the door.

Lessen the chances of home invasions by attending to this concern immediately.

We are Smith Glass, and we offer professional repair services for such concerns.

Our door repairs include fixing the cracks in the door slabs or providing you with cracked door replacements.

Common reasons for door cracks

Before you decide on getting a replacement, know the common reasons that cracks persist in many doors.

With this, you can lessen potential damage in the future and invest in long-lasting doors that won’t be prone to cracking soon.

Temperature change

One of the most common culprits of door cracks is a temperature change.

There are many doors in the market, and all come from different materials.

Many doors expand and contract due to an increase in temperature.

Temperature and humidity levels affect the size of the door.

When this happens, the door jamb traps the door panels, creating cracks on the edges.

You may find that this is more common for old properties in which unmoved doors stay in the frame for a long time.

Old age

Doors wear out over time and weaken the material of the door.

With constant use, it will exhibit signs of tear and all parts.

It’s normal to have doors that crack, especially if they are decades old.

All kinds of exposure decline the condition of the door.

Recall the age of your door to figure out if it is time to replace the current one.

You can book a cracked door replacement with our team anytime.

Water damage

Water damage is prevalent every time.

If the main doors don’t have storm doors as protection, it’s the only door that stands against external elements.

Weather conditions bring a lot of damage to the door.

Rainwater can peel the paint of the door and damage the coatings over time.

Water can also invade the various layers of doors that have weak seals.

Wooden doors that are subject to too much water exposure can rot faster.

Break in attempts

If you have brand new doors that suddenly show cracks in the panel, be aware.

Break in attempts often show signs of force to the door.

Once you see kick marks and many scratches to the surface, perform an inspection on doors.

Also, pay attention to the door locks and the security of the door.

When unknown individuals tamper with the door, they compromise the mechanism of the locks.

Weak doors compromise your home safety and serve as a step closer to unwanted intrusions.

Is it time to replace your door?

It may not be as alarming to have small cracks in contrast to big ones.

You may start thinking, “is it worth it to book for a repair or replacement when the cracks look harmless?”

Perform an inspection on your doors when you see cracks in the surface and other parts.

Remember, big damages come from more minor damages.

Every small damage weakens the condition of the door.

What you can do is call professionals to assess your door.

If you finally decide that a cracked door replacement is the most necessary move to guarantee your safety, it’s worth it.

No price beats the value of a high security level inside your home.

Guarantee your protection by having reliable doors that guard the entrance of your home

Book an appointment with Smith Glass for door replacement

Reliable services are necessary, especially in times of urgent concern.

There’s nothing better than knowing that there is somebody you can count on in times of emergencies.

We are Smith Glass, and we offer our door repairs for you.

If you need an efficient and fast response for cracked door replacements, give our team a call.

We will be with you shortly.

We also offer window repairs for damages to your home windows.

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