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A commercial glass door can be one of the best additions to your business.

It showcases the interior of your commercial area.

It also adds an aesthetic value to your business.

However, there are certain dangers with glass that need immediate attention.

Glass is one of the most fragile materials available.

With enough force, it can garner damages and eventually break.

This can cause a big issue for your business.

A broken glass door can mean a lot of downtime to your business.

It takes time to fix it and make it safer for anybody.

There’s a potential decrease in sales if you take a day or two off to fix the door.

No matter what kind of damages your door has, you need somebody reliable to fix it.

Window Repair Smith Glass offers a Commercial Glass Door Repair service.

We can repair your doors in no time.

There’s no need to worry about slowing your commercial activities.

Lessen your concerns and call us for repair service.

Shattered glass

Accidents and incidents happen every time.

Scratches and cracks are common damages to glass doors.

These are the minor damages that impact the looks of the door.

A shattered glass door is different.

A broken glass door poses risks for your store.

It leaves your business open to intruders.

It also causes a potential physical hazard to anybody.

Prevent possible danger to your customers and clients.

An urgent repair is necessary to fix the glass door.

Broken hinges

The problem may not come from shattered glass or thin cracks.

There may be problems with the way the door swings and opens.

For this concern, the hinges may be the issue.

While it may not be a big deal to your business, it can be a hassle to anybody who comes inside.

Heavy doors with faulty hinges are difficult to open.

They can dissuade anybody from checking out your store.

Broken hinges support the entire glass door on the frame.

If it isn’t sturdy enough to support the door, there’s a chance the door will fall.

Anybody is in danger whenever they come inside the commercial space.

Make your business location more secure.

You can call us and we will be there in no time.

Our Commercial Glass Door Repair service can take care of your broken hinges.

Bent track

There are many types of commercial glass doors.

Sliding glass doors are popular choices for many commercial spaces too.

You might think of installing or replacing your old door with a sliding glass door.

One of the most common issues with this type of glass door is having a bent track.

This makes the sliding glass door difficult to slide close or open.

A bend in the track can also halt the glass door from sliding all the way.

Air leaks

Air leakage is another problem with commercial glass doors.

A warm commercial space is comfortable and cozy.

Air leaks will affect this level of comfort over time.

The warm air inside will slowly leak out, making the interiors colder.

The main reasons for air leaks are poor glass door installation and defective commercial glass doors.

We can solve all of these with our Commercial Glass Door Repair.

Damaged locks

Invasions and theft are not only common to residences.

They also happen to stores and commercial establishments.

A working lock assures that your commercial space is safe.

Keep your store safer with working glass door locks.

Your store deserves to be safe.

Frequent condensation and fogging

Fogging and condensation occur when the seals of the glass door are not tight enough.

Constant glass door fogging can cover your store inside.

Glass doors have an internal seal that keeps out moisture and corrosion.

Frequent condensation between glass panes indicates a loose internal seal.

Maintain your glass door with us!

It is crucial to maintain your commercial glass doors.

A defect in these doors can affect your commercial activities.

Only expert service can guarantee that your commercial glass door is fully functional.

A poor repair job can cost you more money with unexpected issues from your glass door.

Do you need a repair service for your glass door?

We are Window Repair Smith Glass.

We have Commercial Glass Door Repair services to keep your commercial glass doors in top-notch condition.

Contact us for inquiries.

If commercial windows are your concern, we have the solution for that too.

Call us for Commercial Window Repairs.

We have professional service for window installation and window replacement concerns.

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