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A front door is the right of passage to your home.

There’s no other obvious identifier of a residence than the front door.

It is your gateway to the outside world.

It’s the barrier to your personal space.

Whether you are choosing an aesthetic front door or a functional front door, put things in deliberation.

Choosing the right front door is beneficial for you.

Pick the right front door that suits your life best.

Contact the right team to install your front door.

You will have somebody reliable who can help you with the rest of your doors inside.

Having the best professional lessens the need to have more concerns with your door.

Here at Window Repair Smith Glass, we have front door installation to help set up your door.

Though it may be confusing to do so, some factors can help you get started.


Start with the size of your door.

Are you looking for big statement front doors with fine artistry?

It all starts with checking the sizes and dimensions of your existing entry.

The space of the door should be enough so it has something to hold on to.

It’s useful to have dimensions on hand and prepared.

There are single doors made up with a single slab.

These single slabs have one side for hinges.

There are variations as to how you can open it.

Pick a swing (inward or outward) that works best for you.

Then there are double doors that have two slabs with the classic full open.

These doors take up significant space in your home entrance.

Always remember that the bigger the door, the more expensive it can be.

Door frame

Doors come in two ways when you’re in a retail shop.

Some doors come with the frame and are prehung.

These doors should fit your door entry.

Then, there are door slabs that are just basic doors.

You need to add the other parts separately.

Either way, consider the door frame and its condition.

Know the dimension of the door frame and note the material of the door frame.

There are wooden frames, vinyl frames, and steel frames.

They all influence the kind of door you should choose.

Make sure that the door jamb is enough for the door you want.

There are so many nice doors that fit your home.

Failing to check your door frame can mean your door won’t fit.

The last thing you want is to waste energy and effort, and worse, money.

Functions and features

The door should keep your home safe.

It should have the standard feature of a lock that serves as a sturdy stopper.

There are door slabs available in the market without doorknobs and locks.

You’ll need to buy it separately.

There are also options for a smart lock feature in smart doors.

Locking and door monitor functions are accessible via your home system or smartphones.

Your front door should also protect you from weather conditions.

If a storm comes, will your front door be sturdy enough to keep still?


You can choose from many different door materials.


Wooden doors are made of treated wood and are usually heavy material.

Wooden front doors usually don’t keep heat.

This is a disadvantage if you plan to keep your home warm in the cold.


Aluminum doors are very flexible and can cost more than usual.

Aluminum doors blend well with industrial house designs.

They are also typical in business establishments.


A vinyl door is a durable and lightweight door because of its plastic base.

These doors usually have other materials for better composition and function.

Vinyl doors are also very weather resistant.

They insulate heat well and are also cost-efficient.


Glass doors often come with other materials like aluminum or steel frames.

The rise for more aesthetic yet safe doors leads to innovations with glass doors.

Glass doors invite more natural light inside homes but compromise your privacy.


In choosing the right front door, consider your budget too.

You wouldn’t want to overspend on a door that doesn’t fit your home.

Talk to your installer or retail shop before purchasing the door.

If you can wait for deals and discounts so you have more choices within your range.

Energy efficiency rating

Before buying the door, check for the ENERGY STAR rating of the door.

This indicates the energy efficiency score of the door.

The energy star rating tells you how well the door can keep the heat for your home.

There are other scores and standard qualifications for each door available.

It serves as a certification that the door went through thorough quality control and inspection.

Aesthetic and visuals

Your front door is a visual statement to your guests and other people.

Look and consider the architecture and design of your home.

Millions of functional doors have different designs.

There are many color choices for the look you’re aiming for.

As long as the dimensions, door frame, and budget permits experiment with your door.

Window Repair Smith Glass for your front door!

We are Window Repair Smith Glass and want to help you in choosing the right front door.

If you have chosen a front door in mind, contact us to help you set it up.

Know more about selecting your home front door.

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Doors and windows go hand in hand for many house reworks.

Because of this, we also have home window repairs, window replacement, and window installation services.

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