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A damaged door can cause many problems in your day-to-day activities.

Since a door is an entrance passage to your home, a broken door compromises safety.

There’s no assurance that your household is safe and secure.

Anybody can just walk in and steal your belongings.

You’re also risking your safety with the presence of burglars.

Countless cases of these unfortunate incidents happen annually.

More common reasons for easy home access include damaged entrances like doors and windows.

If there are no individuals left to guard your home, it serves as an opportunity for theft.

Don’t underestimate the weak spots in your home that serve as an invitation for uninvited people.

The more usual break in cases involves forced entries that leave a damaged door and frame.

Surprisingly, there are many homes with unlocked doors and windows, easing an unforced entry.

Proper door repairs are essential to maintain your door.

Only experts and professionals should repair your door.

Window Repair Smith Glass offers door repair services.

Part of these repair services is our break in entry door repair services.

We can fix your door and make sure that your home is safe.

Our repairs last long, so we can assure you that you don’t need to keep spending every time.

You don’t need to feel unsafe with weak door locks and busted door frames in your home.

Damaged and fragile doors

Cheap doors are the most common break in methods for intruders.

The fragile material of the door requires less work to open.

This way, it’s easier to kick and destroy the lock to give easy access to the insides of a house.

Always check your backdoor.

Many theft cases happen because back doors are easier to break in.

Many backdoors have soft glass panels that are also easy to destroy.

Some backdoors also have animal or pet entrances which are popular methods for forced entry.

Bigger pet entrances can fit in small body frames.

From there, it’s easier to pick the lock and let the door loose open.

Most front doors are sturdy and harder to break in.

Front doors are usually made of heavy wood or thicker material.

Typically, there is more force needed to break in a front door. During a break in, even strong front doors get a lot of damage.

Robberies are unfortunate incidents that can occur in your home.

These events require you to fix your doors as soon as possible.

We have a break in entry door repair to fix the damages to your door.

Contact us for your repair schedule.

Malfunctioning locks

Lock picking and faulty door locks make for an easy invasion.

It is one of the most common methods for forced home entries.

For homes with outdated locks or old structures, a quick lock pick can undo the locks inside.

Older door locks seize up faster due to dirt.

Always check your locks and strikers.

A deadbolt that doesn’t go all the way to the striker decreases home security.

Forced door entries are easier with a lock that doesn’t work.

Prevent theft from your home and set a schedule to fix any lock breakdowns.

A break in entry door repair can improve your home protection.

Door repairs for break-ins

Break ins and home invasions can turn into a nightmare.

You’re not only dealing with lost property, there are damages too.

After a break in, any of the following can happen to your door:

  • Broken door slabs
  • Faulty door knobs
  • Malfunctioning deadlocks
  • Cracked door frames
  • Shattered glass panels (for doors with glass)
  • Damages to the door jamb
  • Broken smart locks
  • Damaged door hinges

It’s important to invest in your home safety and property protection.

Simple door damage can cost you more during unwanted home invasions.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to fix your door.

It costs less to fix a busted door than it is to risk your safety and possessions.

Unlocked doors and windows are the most common entry points.

A busted door lock is the easiest way that an intruder gets in.

Window Repair Smith Glass offers door repair services to you.

We offer affordable repair services to fix any of your door or its parts.

We know that windows can also be weak spots that attract intruders.

We have expertise in giving home window repairs, window installations, and window replacements.

In addition to keeping your door safe, why not keep your windows safe?

Our team can fix your windows too.

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