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Winter is coming.

There is nothing like the cold and the fog clouding your every day.

Canadian winters, in particular, can drop down up to 40 degrees Celsius.

You need all the help you can get to keep your home warm.

Since the cold can turn very sharp, keeping yourself heated and warm inside helps.

Keep your home a warmer zone for everybody inside.

This includes the simplest things at home like your windows and home structure materials.

Investing in the best windows can take you far.

There’s nothing like a window that lessens work for you during the chilly season.

Find the right team who can help you get the window installation you need.

It’s best to find professionals who can give your home a one-go and put in your windows well.

Contact professional window installation and window replacement teams.

The more expertise the team has in putting in your windows, the longer your window will last.

Window Repair Smith Glass can do this for you.

We have been around for a while giving window installation and window replacement services.

You deserve only the best windows for Canadian winters.

Things to consider in choosing windows

Before choosing a brand or the name of window makers, inspect technical factors first.

Make winters more manageable.

Your new windows or even existing ones should have more function than being just windows inside your home.

Make sure your next windows have these properties:


The windows should help in keeping the internal temperature under control.

A good window is sturdy and strong. It blocks out cold airs that keep your home colder.

Always check for air leak tendency even if the windows are closed.

Look up reviews and comments about the windows.

There is usually a standard rating that indicates the air resistance of windows.


The windows have good thermal capacity if it tends to transfer less heat.

High heat transfer means faster cold time again for the space inside your home.

The U factor measures the amount of heat loss of the window over time.

A lower U Factors means the windows are better.


Always look out for the Energy Star Canada rating of the windows.

This is a certification that the windows pass standard quality checks for its properties.

Good insulation capacity is important for harsh winter days and nights.

You would want to keep as much heat as possible.

The best windows insulate heat longer.

This also means good news for your electric consumption bills.

The more efficient your homes in keeping heat, the lower the heating consumption you’ll need.


Though the windows are separate from the windows, they influence a lot of the factors.

The material of the window frames should match the windows to optimize heat retention.

Best windows for Canadian Winters

Now it’s time to choose the best windows for Canadian winters.

A good window can make or break your winter times.

Make your next windows have most, if not, all the following.


Dual and triple panes are better than single panes.

A single window pane has less material and capacity to store heat.


The coating also adds to the thermal performance of windows.

Windows should have low-emissivity (low E) coating for less heat transfer.


Krypton, xenon, and argon are common inert gas fillers between double or triple window panes.

The additional gas fillers provide more ability for heat insulation.

Single window panes can’t have gas fillers that help with keeping heat.


In addition to investing in windows, invest in window frames too.

Vinyl window frames provide more insulation than other materials.


Air leakage is not avoidable.

However, some window swing mechanisms have less air leakage.

  • Awning mechanism – the hinges at the top and swing outwards leaks less air.
  • Hopper mechanism -the hinges at the bottom and swing inward also invite less cold air in.
  • Casement windows – the hinges that are at the side. These windows also have fewer air leaks.

What we can do for you

We are Window Repair Smith Glass.

We want to make your winters more bearable.

We know winters can be harsh.

We offer window installation and window replacement as solutions to that concern.

Our home window repair services will help fix your current windows for any damage.

This way, you don’t need to spend very big on functional windows.

A quick fix is all you need.

We also have commercial window repair services to keep your business establishment warmer.

You don’t have to worry about any customer or client freezing so much inside.

We will fix any window damage in your place of business.

We are available to help you in getting the best window for Canadian winters.

Don’t know how to select your next windows? Watch this.

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